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Alpha Protocol Listing Application Form 2022 Please fill this form to apply for coin listing on our exchange.

Thank you for expressing an interest in Alpha Protocol  Please fill out the application form below. Our listing team will review the included information. Please note that you provide any false information, your project will be summarily rejected and you will be barred from future listing opportunities on Alpha Protocol .

Listing terms for applying:


Please fill out the form completely, including all relevant information and details. Once you do so, your project will be reviewed. Please do not contact us for updates. Reviewing new crypto projects takes time and we receive a large number of similar requests.


Once your project passes the initial review process, please consult only with your account manager. He or she has exclusive access to your project information. Please do not contact other members of the Alpha Protocol Exchange staff.


Please do not pre-transfer any funds or tokens to us or any third parties, we won’t confirm any transfer beyond the requirements from our official listing contract. Our staff will never ask you to transfer crypto currency or fiat currency via SNS, emails or chats. Anyone who contacts you, other than your account manager is a scammer trying to steal your money. Please beware.


Your account manager may contact your chief executive officer several times to solicit further information or clarification. Please cooperate fully with the designated account manager. Failure to provide further requested information will likely result in a rejection of your application.


No project may use the Alpha Protocol Exchange or Alpha Protocol Exchange brands in any publications, emails, tweets or electronic messages, whether online or in print without the express written consent of Alpha Protocol Exchange . Only official representatives of Alpha Protocol Exchange are authorized to announce that your token has been listed.


All prospective projects must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, before any details about the project listing will be discussed.

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Alpha Protocol to distribute a % of its cashflow to its token stakers. We combine the best features of centralized (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).


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